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I work with people who are struggling in their present relationship or with their past relationships and are scared of making the same mistakes in the future. My approach is warm and open. I have not only empathy but also experience of how our relationships affect every aspect of our lives.


Our sleeping, our appetite and how we respond to others. Our moods can be up and down, we can feel anxious, lonely, depressed, and sad.

My work with clients has proven to be effective, because I challenge and because I’m passionate. We will do the hard work together, and you will be fully supported.

 I am verified on Psychology Today. 


If you are motivated to change, if you are open to working hard, and remember no one got a six-pack from going to the gym for 1 hour a week.

My Life Experience; I am a mother to four grown daughters, step mum to two.  and grandmother to too many. I have been married and divorced.

I have had my share of hurt and sadness loss and anger. But I’ve also had the most amazing joy,  fun and happiness. Call for your free 30-minute session.

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