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Hello, my name is Mary,

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist and have worked in this field for many years.


My expertise is in Relationships, working with couples and individuals to explore healthier more fulfilling lives through therapy, tools and techniques.

We will explore childhoods and work with your inner child to resolve present-day conflicts. My work is gentle, warm and effective. 

My success with clients is through, understanding, empathy and a belief we all have the opportunity to change our lives and find Happiness.

My other Passion is Writing. I have for many years written around the subject of Relationships and Behaviours. I have written and had articles published in various industry magazines in the UK and Spain.

My new website is going to be a mixture of articles and blogs. Covering all things Relationships, Love and Sex.

It is going to be real, but also have an element of fun.

I will write with current issues in mind but also be guided by subjects you want to hear about.

If you would like me to cover any issues you want to talk about, please subscribe and be the first to hear when my new articles are out.


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