Therapy online: during a pandemic.

So, what a year it has been as a Relationship therapist, I started last year with a full face to face clinic of couples and individuals all with struggles in their relationships, in one way or another.

By March, my clinic had shut and I was contacting clients to tell them we were now going online.

Some said, no we can wait. Others stayed and said ok.

I practised for a few days using various online platforms, settling on zoom, it seemed easy and I was able to integrate some Psych-Ed as I like to do with clients from time to time.

So my first session with a couple I was anxious, nervous when they arrived they were also nervous it was as if seeing them for the first time, within the first 15 minutes we had settled into the session.

It works, I was so pleased, my clients felt settled, they still expressed emotion during the session, this was something I worried about as a therapist that I could facilitate a space over camera where the clients still felt safe enough to be emotional.

I read an article during the year from Relate who also stated it works.

I have now worked all year with steady clients. I have reduced the number of clients I would normally have in a face to face clinic, as online work is tiring, due to screen time, clients that said no we will wait have trickled slowly back.

One client said to me, “I love working online, when we have finished I can sit in the space and reflect so much easier than having to get up leave, drive home, by the time I get home I have to get on with home life and therapy is all but left until the following week, now I can come back to this space during the week and think of all the emotions the session brought”.

As a therapist, we are taught that as long as you have clients you should be prepared to have therapy, something I believe in.

So now it was my turn to become an online client, I have to say I was nervous, but it worked and I love it, I could relate to the comment from my client about being able to sit in the space and have time to reflect.

So if you are considering therapy and don’t feel it will work online, please be assured it does, and any therapist you talk to I'm sure will put your anxieties to rest.

I would like to add here a testimonial from a client who came to me in January 2020 and has just finished therapy end of march 2021working online.

To Mary

Thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family you are truly amazing you have saved me from a very dark place.

where my days were so hard to get by day by day.

You showed me so much about my inner self, and that young M was lost I have found him now and working with him to be happy and content in what I’m doing with my life.

Talking to you about things and feelings I have never spoken about to the closest people to me, knowing how I should respect myself and making a stand on how I should treat people and how they should treat me.

The work you have put into me over the past 16months has to help me build my values and worth And for that, I will forever be great full to you.

Mary, you are so kind and caring thank you.

I will not say goodbye I will say speak to you soon as this is a very emotional moment for me right now as I know I’m in a good place and that is down to you.

Speak soon take care”

I'm so lucky and grateful to have been able to carry on doing the work I love, which could have been so different, if you are struggling why not try it, it may be the first step to changing your life.

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