I'm Sick Of Racism.......

Updated: Jul 15

I'm sick of racists, I'm sick of racism, I'm sick of acceptance, I'm sick of apathetic governments, I'm sick of feeling like nothing is going to change.

I'm sick of young guys doing their job and then being attacked, I'm sick of our institutions turning a blind eye.

I'm sick of hearing “ All lives matter” …..;… what's your point? Who said All lives didn’t matter?.. no one, black lives matter… AS WELL.... I believe is the message.

I'm sick of hearing, " oh we are so tolerant....." with respect who do we think we are that we tolerate anyone.

Dictionary definition of 'tolerate'..... 'showing willingness to allow the existence of...…..'

I'm sick of white people being defensive, I'm sick of white people not seeing we have privilege, just because we are white! It's simple, we do because we are white. We have to talk about White supremacy its difficult, and a struggle, and hard to identify with White privilege, but its what we have.

Its simple White supremacy exists, white privilege exists, its not an insult, its a fact.

Consider this ….

· I'm not scared of being pulled over by the police because of my skin colour, are you?

· I'm not scared of being turned away from a night out because of my skin colour, are you?

· I'm not scared of going on a night out and being called names because of my skin colour, are you?

· I'm not scared that if I don’t do well in my job, I will be vilified on social media, are you?

I'm sick of hearing, “ I'm not racist, I have black friends!” Or “I'm not racist, I don’t see colour!”

If we don’t see colour, then we deny people of colour, that is racism! I'm sick of this.

I'm sick of our politicians accusing black sportspeople of ‘political gesturing’ and then allowing these sportspeople to be booed.

I'm sick of just accepting this as ok behaviour, I'm sick of social media doing nothing because financially it is more profitable to do nothing.

I'm sick that our politicians do not hold social media to account because it would be a financial nightmare.

I'm sick we have a prime minister who makes comments like “black people 'piccaninnies' with 'watermelon smiles'”

I'm sick we have statues that our young people know nothing about their vile history, I'm sick we act like they are heroes.

I'm sick I was not taught about the history honestly and correctly of our country.

If we are not a racist country, teach our young people about past mistakes, that was then this is now and we will not tolerate this behaviour, but no, we lie and deny, I'm sick of it.

I'm sorry to the young footballers for this behaviour towards you, I'm sorry this happened.

I want to thank you for being amazing on Sunday 2021. You are the kind of people we want our young people to aspire to be, I thank you for being you.

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