Selfies, the Pandemic and the rise of Compassionate Thinking.


People’s selfies check for their flaws, they check if they are thin enough, pretty enough, good looking enough.

· Their lips are full enough, their eyebrows artistically sketched to perfection.

· Have they blended enough, are there any lines in the wrong places?

· If they are wearing the right kind of outfit, is it on-trend?

Striving to be perfect.

Industry leaders create, develop, endorse make-up, mirrors, lighting systems, outfits to compliment the world of selfies.

Industry leaders are making lots of money to create and develop in the world of selfies, they make millions, billions out of people asking:

· A world of strangers to “like” them.

· A world of strangers to “judge” them.

· A world of strangers to tell them how they “should” look.

Lots of people become self-absorbed, some studies have even stated that people develop narcissistic behaviours.

We seem to be self-absorbed, and superficial.

A Pandemic.

Along came a Pandemic that affected everyone, the whole world, this was killing people, we could not save them, we could not help them.

· families were being isolated.

· young and old lost connections to each other.

· grandparents and grandchildren lost connection.

· They lost cuddles, they lost hugs.

Suddenly social media platforms were needed for something far more serious; we need to connect to loved ones, we need the information to save lives.

We needed to develop skills to connect on-screen, on social media.

It seems we realised that what we need is connection and love from others.

We are social beings, we missed family, friends, loved ones. we became creative in how we now celebrated with family.


We showed compassion. Concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

· We showed we respected and cared for our heroes.

· we collected and took part in charities to feed the poorer people of the world.

· We joined forces to walk the streets for health care workers.

· we delivered food parcels, collected medicines all for the needy.

We came together, all over the world to empathize, care and show we have compassion for others and that we are not superficial people, we are loving, warm and caring.

So what if our Selfie images showed our compassionate selfie, not the glamourous, but the warm, gentle kind loving self?

That to me would be the "Perfect" Selfie.

I think selfies would have a whole new meaning and the world would seem less selfish and consumed, but warmer and safer to show our gentle sides …..just a thought. #bekind

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